Coil Sling

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Introducing the groundbreaking solution for the steel industry:
The Coil Sling – designed to handle the heaviest and sharpest steel coils with utmost precision. A testament to innovation, this sling delivers unrivaled performance, improving loading and offloading tasks for ships and other lifting operations within the steel realm.

The Dyneema® fibres used have a high cut and abrasion resistance, which is a must for lifting coils. Because of the manageability of the sling (very light own weight), it causes less damage to the load.

Extreema® synthetic coil lifting slings made with Dyneema® have a lifting capacity from WLL 10T up to 40T per coil in a U-lift. Lengths can vary from 1m up to 60m working length.

Coil Sling
Coil Sling4


Low weight
Flexible, soft and easy to handle
Low diameter
Low elongation (less than 1% at WLL)
High-cut resistance
High abrasion resistance
Good puncture resistance
High resistance to UV exposure
Good resistance to chemicals
It does not absorb water

Revolutionizing Steel Industry Lifting

Coil Sling2
Coil Sling3
Coil Sling5

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