Inferno®: The Heat Resistant Soft Sling

The ultra-heat resistant Inferno® soft sling makes it possible to lift heavy payloads when working under extreme heat conditions. Even when the temperature rises to 200⁰C, the Inferno® soft sling will maintain strength!

Made of 100% Aramid and available from 0,5m to 65m, with a WLL up to 100t. The color of the sling is yellow. For special requests up to 2,5t, it is possible to produce the Inferno® sling in black.

Heat Resistant Sling


Maintains its strength up to 200⁰C(!)
Easy to position
Low D:d ratio
Soft, lightweight, and easy to handle
Improves workflow
High abrasion resistance
Environmentally friendly due to the long lifespan
Creates safer lifting conditions

Heat Indicator Sticker

The latest enhancement to the Inferno® Sling – the Heat Indicator Sticker! With this powerful addition, you can swiftly determine if the sling has encountered temperatures surpassing 200⁰C. This new tool increases safety and efficiency, empowering you to make informed decisions and ensuring the utmost protection in your lifting operations.

The Entertainment Sling - The Black Inferno®

is a symbol of innovation and sophistication. This remarkable lifting solution has a sleek black finish, seamlessly blending into any set design or performance space.


The Black Inferno® is your ticket to elevated safety, functionality, and visual allure for your shows and performances. Investing in this product ensures a seamless synergy between aesthetics and purpose, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience. For entertainment industry professionals seeking the ideal balance between form and function, the Black Inferno® emerges as the perfect choice.

Raising expectations with raising temperatures


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