Black Belt Sling

Extreema® HMPE soft slings, powered by Dyneema®, have forged an unparalleled track record, leaving an indelible mark wherever they go.


Abrasion, tearing and scuff resistant
Repairable Jacket
High pressure resistant

Extreema Heavy Lift Black Belt Sling

The Black Jacket

The Black Jacket coated for enhanced performance, is made from Cordura® and is known for resisting abrasions, tears, and scuffs. The knitted jacket is also repairable, making it an ideal choice for many connecting challenges to shackles, shaves, trunnions, crane hooks, and more.


The load-bearing core is based on parallel-laid fiber technology, made with either Dyneema or Trosar®, to ensure optimal performance.


To ensure optimal sling performance, we highly recommend using suitable protection. Specifically, for the Black Belt Sling™, we suggest utilizing EP-C protection. 

Revolutionizing Heavy Lift

Black Belt Sling4
Black Belt Sling5

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