xS Round Sling

Lift heavy payloads when you have to work with limited spaces with the extra thin WLL 3T, 5T & 10T Extreema® HMPE XS round slings. The slings are available in very short effective working lengths (EWL) from 0.3 meters to 20 meters. With its extremely small diameter (D:d ratio of 1:1) allow you to use regular shackles instead of more expensive wide body shackles so you can save cost on the rigging equipment. It can be one size fits all, such as WLL 3T (6T basket), WLL 5T (10T basket) and WLL 10T (20T basket). In directly, it helps to save costs in storage, logistic, purchasing and disposal as well as increase efficiency and faster workflow for your employees.

Lightweight Soft Sling


Saving costs
D:d ratio of 1:1
Environmental friendly
Less storage
Improving workflow
Light in weight
Long life cycle
Safer lifting operations

The Solution for Lifting in Limited Spaces

XS Round Sling6
XS Round Sling5

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